For us, LUMINARY LA is much more than a brand name; it is a way of being, a design philosophy, a community, and much more. We've built out a whole line up of tools for the 21st-century. Along the way, some core values that unite the entire LUMINARY LA community have defined everything we do. We value resourcefulness, seeking adventure, and living in the moment.


Here at Luminary La, our mission is simple; we're in the business of making people's daily lives easier. Born out of a shared love of good design & quality products, we create considered solutions fit for the modern lifestyle. Always driven by passion, we work to empower others to live the same way.


Here at Luminary La, we’re streamlining daily life through quality products; redefining the everyday essentials—like wallets, backpacks, and EDC gear—with minimalist designs that don’t sacrifice function. With emphasis on minimalism and a modern twist on meaningful accessories & gear by eliminating excess and building to performance grade, we turn the items you carry everyday into tools for better living.