Top 10 valentine's day gift ideas for men

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 Top 10 Valentine's day gifts for for him


Valentine's Day is almost here, that means Valentine's gifts! Whether you love or hate the holiday, the special man in your life would appreciate a sentimental gift from you. But while you're happy to pick up just about anything to show your sweetheart how much they mean to you, shopping for a Valentine's Day gift can be a pain. So how can you find the right gift that hasn't been played out or isn't incredibly cheesy? We have the answers to upgrade your gift giving abilities! After scouring the Internet for the best Valentine's Day gifts we've compiled this list of our top ten favorites. 

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Our Favorites

Best overall: LuminaryLA Airtag Wallet

Best Budget Gift: Bucket List Movie Poster

Best Tech: Apple Watch


The Best V-Day day gift ideas for men

We are here to make the stressful event of searching for a gift as easy as possible. This article is especially for those with men never want anything. We put together a list that we believe covers all types of gift buying.


1. LuminaryLA AirTag Wallet   


If he has problems losing his wallet or he has had the same wallet his whole life, he needs a new wallet! A regular wallet is a bit too bland to give as a meaningful gift. Luminary LA AirTag wallets, on the other hand, is a serious upgrade and thoughtful spin on an old classic. Pick a sleek, high-quality wallet that can never get lost! He'll love that each wallet features a special pocket for an AirTag, so your sweetheart can keep track of its location and be notified if it ever gets left behind (a gift he'll appreciate if he misplaces it a lot). These wallets also use RFID-blocking technology to protect cards from being skimmed. For long distance couples, or anyone who wants a wallet to be a little bit more personal, print out a wallet size image of yourself and stick it in there before giving it to him and he will be reminded of this Valentine's day every time he goes to pay for something.


If your boyfriend or husband loves to grill then the next gift idea on our list is a great gift for him!


2. Smokeless indoor grill  


If your boyfriend or husband loves to barbecue, he won't have to stop just because of the winter cold with a smokeless indoor grill. This functional gift will enable him to fire up some delicious burgers, steaks, or ribs, regardless of the weather. You'll find no shortage of options for a great grill, but we especially like this bamboo smokeless grill on Amazon.  Pair this gift with a fresh pair of grilling utensils to score some extra bonus points.


In need of a romantic night, but can not seem to come up with a special date idea? We have got you covered in the suggestion!


3. Bucket List Movie Poster 


Scratch off movie poster. Perfect wine and movie night Valentine's Day gift.

Date nights can become repetitive if you are not careful. Bucket lists and adventure boxes are cool, but sometimes they're not very practical. It can be hard to get out as often as you'd like, but there's always time to cozy up to your guy and enjoy a movie night at home. This fun bucket list movie scratch off poster takes the thinking (and bickering) out of choosing a film to watch and allows you to expand your blockbuster horizons while snuggling up together. It includes a variety of films that will make for the perfect date night. We recommend this movie poster on Amazon. 


The next suggestion is for the special guy in your life who enjoys a nice glass of whiskey at the end of a long hard day. Perfect gift for long distance couples who want to constantly be reminded of each other.


4. Flaviar Whiskey Subscription  


Flaviar Welcome Box | Flaviar

Is your favorite guy a whiskey connoisseur? Beyond simply picking up his favorite whiskey, we recommend purchasing him a monthly subscription from Flaviar. Every month, a tasting box will introduce him to more high-caliber whiskeys from different makers all over the globe. Of course, if your man isn't into whiskey, you can also select a monthly subscription that delivers his favorite spirits or new and exciting beers to his door month after month. Pair this with a beer mug with his favorite beer brand on it to enhance the experience. With each sample box, he'll receive a reminder of you and how much you love him.  


5. Wrecking Room Experience  


Pandemic fever got you down? Smash up stuff at the rage room – FOX21 News  Colorado

If his love language isn't receiving gifts, but rather spending quality time with you or even his friends, might we suggest a visit to a Wrecking Room? Sometimes you just have to let off a little steam from the past year and break stuff to get his heart racing! Most major cities now offer experiences like these, and it's exactly what it sounds like. Put on some safety glasses and hard hats, pick up a sledgehammer, and start breaking everything in sight. What guy wouldn't love that?  


6. Neck and Shoulder Massager 


To your man, after a long day, nothing feels better than a neck and shoulder rub from their special person. Unfortunately, you can't always be there to massage his neck and shoulders, and sometimes your hands need a break. When that happens, a quality neck and shoulder massager can go a long way in providing him with some much-needed relief and relaxation after a long day at work or an intense workout for his sore muscles. This neck massager comes with heating capabilities which is optimal for relieving sore neck muscles.There are many massagers to choose from, but this one stood out as one of the highest-rated on Amazon.  


7. Pair of Crocs  


Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clogs (Best Sellers)

Okay, we can't believe we are saying this, but Crocs (yes, those Crocs!) are actually great Valentine's day gifts for this Valentine's Day. They're popular and comfortable, and everyone wants a pair to wear making them the perfect present. They also come in tons of different colors, so you can pick up a pair that meshes with your partner's unique sense of style. And speaking of a unique sense of style here's another great thing about Crocs: you can dress them up with pins (if that's your guy's type of thing). Add a few charm pins to customize his Crocs and show him you care. You can order directly from the Crocs store or find Crocs and pins on Amazon without any trouble.  


8. Champ Chest 


Is your man a sports enthusiast? If so, consider the Champ Chest this Valentine's Day. Champ Chest creates awesome boxes filled with all kinds of cool gear, from jerseys to coffee mugs and beer koozies – all branded with your honey's favorite team. What's cool about this idea is that you can make a one-time purchase or set up a monthly subscription, so your special guy gets something exciting in the mail throughout the year.  


9. Key Case


The Ridge Key Organizer - Compact Metallic Key Holder | Minimalist Innovative Keyholder | Smart Keychain Secures 2-6 Keys

What is it with men and their keys? If your sweetheart is someone who always has a key ring full of keys and no room to keep them all in his pocket, a nice key organizer could be the thoughtful gift that helps him with his day-to-day. This small, sleek, convenient gift keep keys organized in style. You can find stylish ones like this Ridge key organizer from Amazon. 


10. Apple Watch 


Apple Watch Series 8 Review: Focus on Health and Safety

The Apple Watch is a lot more than a cool gadget (although it definitely is!). This gift is a bit on the pricier side, but it will make your significant other feel appreciated! In addition to sending and receiving texts and calls, the Apple Watch can track heart rate and pulse ox levels(perfect for the long distance runner), monitor sound decibels, detect falls and send help, and a whole lot more.  This Watch maintains a day long charge, and to our surprise, can be quite fashionable.




Seven Corners

So there you have it! While chocolates and a sweet card with a heartfelt message are a fine gift in a pinch, your favorite man will feel far more appreciated when you gift him something thoughtful and practical. Whether it is your first Valentine's day or 20th, You can't go wrong with these ideas, and his face is sure to light up as he unwraps his present this year.  New memories are meant to be made with your special person

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