Luminary Crewneck


100% Premium Organic Cotton

The perfect Crewneck doesn't get better than this! Experience the luxury of our 100% Organic Cotton. No more clothes that shrinks, our high quality crewneck will keep you feeling and looking great.

No Toxic Dyes or Chemical Fertilizers

Our materials are sourced in Los Angeles California and hand made in house. We pride ourselves for using the best materials and providing the best possible quality.

We Don't Disappoint 

Join our growing community of Luminaries Today! We promise you won't be disappointed.


  • 330gsm French Terry
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • No toxic dyes, chemical fertilizers, or pesticides, or formaldehyde are used
  • Reverse flatlock stitching increases durability
  • Pre-shrunk for minimal natural shrinkage
  • Unique LU-MI-NAR-Y print with definition
  • Intricate LUMINARY embroidery on the wrists


  • Produced in a windmill-powered, Fair Trade Certified™ facility
  • Strictly abides by the Global Organic Textile Standard®

Introducing our lu-mi-na-ry Crewneck, a true masterpiece of understated elegance and thought-provoking design. Crafted with the utmost care, this crewneck sweater showcases exceptional quality and sustainability. With the LU-MI-NAR-Y logo printed on the left chest area and the definition "a person who influences or inspires others, especially one prominent in a particular sphere" near the right hem, it perfectly embodies our brand's unique selling proposition and our commitment to inspiring positive change.

Individually garment-dyed for a unique patina on each piece, our lu-mi-na-ry Crewneck exemplifies exceptional craftsmanship. Made from certified organic, ultra-soft cotton French terry, it offers a luxurious feel with looped yarns on the interior and a smooth surface on the exterior. The fabric's custom knitted design ensures unparalleled comfort and durability, surpassing every expectation of a wholesale blank garment.

In line with our commitment to sustainability, this garment is produced in a windmill-powered, Fair Trade Certified™ facility. Every step of its creation, from cultivation to crafting, adheres to practices that improve lives and protect the environment. Our dedication to organic standards means no toxic dyes, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or formaldehyde were used in its production, making it an exceptionally eco-friendly choice.

The LU-MI-NAR-Y logo, printed on the left chest area, represents our brand's unique identity and captures the essence of being a person who influences or inspires others. It reflects our commitment to empowering individuals to make a positive impact in their spheres of influence. As you wear this crewneck, you embody the spirit of a luminary, someone who strives to make a difference and inspire those around them.

Additionally, near the right hem, you'll find the definition of "lu-mi-na-ry," reinforcing our brand's values and purpose. By incorporating this print into our crewneck, we emphasize the importance of inspiring others, particularly in spheres where we can make a prominent difference. It serves as a reminder to embrace our potential to create positive change and influence those around us.

Embrace the charm of minimalist style and become a lu-mi-na-ry with our lu-mi-na-ry Crewneck. It is a versatile addition to your wardrobe, combining exceptional quality, sustainable materials, and a powerful message of inspiration. Wear it proudly, knowing that you represent a brand that not only values style and comfort but also seeks to inspire positive change in the world.

Elevate your look and embrace the minimalist trend with our lu-mi-na-ry Crewneck. Experience the ideal fusion of comfort, style, and thought-provoking design by ordering yours today. This crewneck represents the pinnacle of simple style, with its high-quality materials, flawless fit, and meaningful prints. Make a statement without sacrificing simplicity and let your fashion speak for itself as you become a true lu-mi-na-ry.



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